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Our Sustainability work

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Hanging Up Towels and Bathrobes to avoid unnecessary waste of water  and gas.

In 2020, Cities Of The World Hotel Cusco decided to become a leader in sustainability and drive the development of sustainability in the hospitality industry. It was one of our team members that had the idea to ask guests to hang up their towels if they wanted to use it again – a practice that is now mainstream in our Hotel.

Further we though , what else can we do to improve our work with sustainability?

Tim the owner decided it was time to make a change in our hotel. We first implemented the towels and bathrobes policy. We soon after also decided to install low energy Led bulbs in the whole hotel and restaurant and help us with a 80% savings in electricity. 

All our food that we serve for breakfast is local and organic produced.

We also started serving our guests local and organic food at our breakfast area. For starter we buy our ham, cheese, bread ,milk and egg from the local market San Blas. All of which comes from local farmers around the Cusco Region.

Our Coffe "Cholita" is also locally produced from the region of Quillabamba Cusco. Many of our guests really love it! please ask for it in the reception and they will serve you it anytime during the day totally free.

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Here you can see a photo from the San Pedro Market

Each morning we do our best to give you the best possible start of the morning with a great buffet breakfast!

You can see more photos of our breakfast and clients at the hotel on Instagram and Facebook

We always buy fresh and natural ingredients such as strawberry , mango, banana and dragon fruit to be served with some delicious home made pancakes, also available with nutella and some syrup