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San pedro market

San pedro market San pedro market San pedro market

In the city of Cusco, one of the places to visit is the traditional market of San Pedro, a place where people from Cusco usually go to make their purchases since it offers the best environment to get to know the most traditional of this city. It is located near the Plaza de San Francisco, on Cascaparo street and a few minutes from the Santa Catalina church. And 10 minutes from the main square of cusco.

It is a San Pedro market since 1925, when it was founded and throughout the last decades it has maintained the same appearance. Note that it was the famous engineer Gustav Eiffel who was in charge of the construction, where there was previously a slaughterhouse. The style it presents is colonial, with a metal cover and it is a very cozy place. In the san pedro market you can find stores dedicated to food with traditional products consumed in Peru, in other stores we can find colorful flowers and there are also gift shops, which are interesting for tourists to purchase souvenirs such as handicrafts and decorative objects. It is interesting to take advantage to buy high quality products such as chocolate and cocoa, which are very typical products found in the market, crafts, spices, among others.

It can be a good option to go at breakfast to take advantage and enjoy fresh juices made with different local fruits and different typical foods at good prices. It is possible to visit daily from 06:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In front of the San Pedro market is the San Pedro train station and in the surroundings of the Market there are also accommodations, a boutique hotel Cusco, apartments and restaurants. A place that you must visit when you arrive in Cusco.