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The temple of San Blas

The temple of San Blas - : Cities The temple of San Blas - : Cities The temple of San Blas - : Cities

The temple of San Blas is located in the city of Cusco and is located in the famous neighborhood of San Blas, located 10 minutes from the main square of Cusco. The San Blas neighborhood is also known as the artists' neighborhood.

The temple of San Blas was one of the first parishes built in the city of Cusco by order of Viceroy Francisco Toledo, whose initial construction was destroyed by the 1650 earthquake. Currently the temple of San Blas has a construction platform in the shape of a Cross Latin and a simple facade of Plateresque characteristics. Apparently the church was erected on an Incan sanctuary dedicated to the cult of the god "Illapa" that is composed of Lightning, Thunder and Lightning. The temple of San Blas is made of adobe, with gabled roofs, and has a modest portal devoid of ornamentation. Among its main attractions of the San Blas temple are its interiors of the San Blas temple that have an artistic and ornamental wealth, the works of art highlighting, among them, its famous baroque pulpit (Carved in cedar wood is the most surprising work of Spanish Churrigueresque style artistic carpentry), which deserves a special study, as well as precious pictorial works from the Cusco School of Art.

Entrance Fee:

Entrance fee (Partial, only to this museum):

Adults/. 15.00

Students/. 7.50

The fee to access all the museums that make up the circuit:

Adults/. 50.00

Students/. 25.00

Place to buy the ticket: We can go to the room of the Holy Inquisition which is located in the Plaza de Armas. Visiting Hours: Monday to Sunday: 10:00 a. m. at 06:00 p. m.

In addition to visiting the Temple of San Blas, you can visit the San Blas neighborhood, which is really very beautiful, where you can see a large number of handicrafts, Cusco boutique hotel, hotels, hostels, bars and restaurants, and its beautiful streets.