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Where to stay in Cusco

Where to stay in Cusco Where to stay in Cusco Where to stay in Cusco

Cusco is a Peruvian city located in a splendid Andean valley, in the Huatanay river basin, in the southeast of the country. Cusco is considered the "historical capital of Peru.

Among the main points of interest for those who visit Cusco are its cathedral and historic center, full of convents, colonial houses and the pre-Columbian ruins of Qoricancha and Sacsayhuamán and the views from its many viewpoints.

Cusco is a compact city and easy to walk, so it is not too necessary to use urban transport to get around its beautiful historic center. The places furthest from the center are connected by buses, and in the case of the surroundings, it is advisable to hire private transport and / or an authorized tour guide.

Choosing where to stay in Cusco (Hotel in Cusco) is not so complicated and here we will give you some tips:

1. Historic Center

The Old Town of Cusco (Historic Center) is the best area to stay in Cusco. Touring the historic center of Cuzco, is walking the urban layout designed by the Incas, is strolling through colonial buildings built on the basis of ancient Inca royal palaces, is the coalition of two architectural styles that make Cusco unique in the world. At its heart, the Plaza de Armas occupies the same place as the old Inca Imperial Plaza, where the main palaces and religious buildings once stood. It is now dominated by the Cathedral, the Church of the Company and several large colonial houses. The San Blas neighborhood is a bohemian neighborhood with narrow streets and beautiful small squares. The Historic Center is without a doubt the most recommended area to stay in Cusco if you want to experience its enormous historical heritage and be close to all the attractions of the city.

Why is stay in the historic center of Cusco?

• Pedestrian friendly
• Inca ruins
• Heart of the city
• Close to attractions
• Main Square
• Excellent gastronomy

2. Near to Sacsayhuamán

Located on a hill northwest of the center of the city of Cuzco is the impressive fortress of Sacsayhuamán. The Sacsayhuamán area is elevated above the city of Cuzco and from here incredible views of the Historic Center are appreciated. It is a very tourist area and it is not strange to see in its vicinity the typical cholas dressed in traditional dress and their respective alpacas.

Why stay near sacsayhuaman?

• Sacsayhuamán fortress
• Variety of accommodation
• Spectacular views of the city of Cusco